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PTA After School Events for Children - ticket policy

Dear Parents, We want to clarify the arrangements for any after school events that the PTA runs for the children of Claremont, including cinema club and the discos. In particular, we'd like to explain why tickets, once purchased, cannot be transferred to another child (without exception) and to ask for your support with this rule. These events are not run by the school and are not an extension to the school day. Responsibility for your child is transferred to the PTA (remember we are a standalone charity) at the end of the school day and we take this responsibility very seriously. This is why we say the tickets cannot be transferred to another child, it’s because this is the safest way to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing during the event. We have clear processes in place to ensure that wellbeing and safety – including limiting numbers at the events and ensuring we know exactly who is going to attend and key information about each child (including emergency contacts and allergy info). Only the original child associated with a ticket can be admitted to the PTA event. If you transfer the ticket to another child we will not have the necessary information about that child and our event would not be meeting the high standards of safeguarding we set ourselves. We’re afraid we can’t process the transfers either as it is a huge administrative task and this increases the risks around misinformation on the day. So please don’t ask us – there can be no exceptions. If your child is absent from school on the day in question, you do not need to tell us either. We work with the school office to correlate any school absences to the attendance list for the event. We are sure this is the basis on which you would like to entrust your children to our care and so we appreciate your support with adhering to this rule. If you buy a ticket and your child can no longer attend then your ticket will be considered a donation to the PTA and for this we are very grateful to support all the hard work the volunteers put into organising these events. We’re sorry if this means some children may miss out but we hope you understand that this rule is in place for all the right reasons and we thank you very much for your support enacting it. The PTA

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