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Sign-up and CHIP-IN what you can

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Claremont PTA is excited to launch CHIP-IN, our direct debit fundraising initiative to raise money to fund the school’s rolling IT programme. The PTA have made this contribution every year for the last 7 years. Your contributions add an extra 50% onto the existing school IT budget.

If 3 in 4 families regularly contribute we will hit our target each year.

As a registered charity, not only can parents, carers, and guardians donate monthly, but grandparents and other significant relatives, even businesses are all welcome to donate regularly to help your children's school IT programme.

Who Can Donate?

How Can You Help?

We are asking for your help to make this fundraising initiative a success. Funds raised provide upgrades to our 100 Ipads and 60 desktop computers every 5 years. Any donation, big or small, will make a difference. Sign-up and CHIP-IN what you can:

At Claremont our children are incredibly fortunate to have interactive whiteboards in every classroom and access to 100 Ipads and 60 desktop computers. This technology is also the latest generation with every item replaced every 5 years. This is a much better IT provision than most other primary schools across the country.

Without the PTA funding no local or national body will step in and make up the shortfall; there will simply be a drop off in the IT amenities at the school.

To maintain this excellent IT provision the school spends £29,840 EVERY YEAR on its 5-year rolling IT replacement programme. This would not be possible without the funding provided by the PTA who have contributed at least £15,000 EVERY YEAR for the past 7 years.

Together, a little goes a long way...

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Software And Apps

The schools IT commitment not only includes the hardware, but software subscriptions and apps required for classroom and home learning.


Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards help teachers to create a more engaging and effective learning environment for their students.



iPads make learning more engaging and interactive for children and can be used to personalise learning for each child. They help children to express themselves creatively and to develop their problem-solving skills.


Desktop Computers

Desktop computers help children to develop their digital literacy skills. Children can learn how to use a variety programs, and they can learn how to navigate the internet safely. This will prepare them for success in the digital world.

The PTA now needs your help to maintain the status quo and ensure our children retain access to the latest technology.


The PTA relies on volunteers and fundraising from events depends on how many volunteers we have. It is an unpredictable way to raise money for the school.


Our goal is to raise enough money via this direct debit initiative to provide a regular and reliable income stream and therefore a long-term commitment to the school to contribute £15k per year to the school’s rolling IT programme. Most other schools have a direct debit scheme – we are just catching up!

Every item replaced every 5 years!

To donate, please visit our Local Giving page

Local Giving

Importantly, you can choose your donation amount, donations are anonymous on Local Giving and they can be edited or cancelled at any time should your circumstances change.

The scheme is intended to be a one-off optional request with an annual prompt for new parents. We hope to no longer need to seek donations for Christmas and Easter events streamlining fundraising for you and the PTA. There isn’t a direct debit option other than monthly, so if you prefer to do something annually, or less frequently, please click the button.

Together, we can make a real difference in the education of our children

Thank you for your support!


Don’t forget to Gift Aid it to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you!

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