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Claremont Primary PTA is an engaged and dedicated team made up of Claremont parents and teachers. All of us are volunteers, and we rely solely on the generosity of parents, our sponsors and the local community.

We bring parents and the school community together to create special moments for everyone. We are also dedicated to raising money for the school. All money raised goes straight back into our school to create a better school experience for everyone. It’s no exaggeration to say these funds are crucial for the school.

Bringing families together – and running memorable events for both the pupils at Claremont,  as well as their families – is something we are passionate about. We want to create a sense of community and the chance to make memories that last a lifetime. We look forward to welcoming you at our events.

We hope you enjoy being part of Claremont PTA and we would love for you consider getting involved in any way you’re able to. Together we can help shape an even-more exciting future for our children's wonderful school.

About the PTA

Claremont’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a charity run by volunteers – mostly parents and caregivers of children at the school. We fundraise to improve the school experience – both pastoral and academically – for the pupils at Claremont.


We also work to build strong relationships between parents, school staff and other organisations linked to Claremont. We create events with the aim of benefitting everyone within our community, and to raise funds for the school too.


When your child starts at Claremont you automatically become a member of the PTA. There are lots of different ways to get involved, from setting up a direct debit to support us, to getting stuck in with events big and small. Whatever resources and skills you have, we can definitely make use of them.


What do we fund? A whole lot of important things for our school. This includes large-scale IT upgrades, outdoor play equipment and SEN facilities. There’s also new sports kit and school trips subsidies, right down to ice creams on Sports Day and Santa Hats for Christmas lunch. From small pockets of joy to crucial improvements, the PTA are here to support our childrens' school every step of the way.

Meet the Committee


Claire - Chair

Claire is Mum to Freddie in year 2 & Harry who will join in 2023. She is a Civil Servant (currently on a career break) and teaches Pilates. Claire mainly chairs the meetings and makes sure there are people for all the jobs that need doing!


Natalie - Vice Chair

Natalie is Mum to Chloe and Eddie at the school. She owns and runs an online business and loves playing netball (she coaches at the school too!). For the PTA, Natalie manages the website and runs the parent socials.


Sami - Treasurer

Sami is Dad to Laith in year 1, and 2 younger boys who will follow in time. He works at an Investment Bank. As Treasurer, Sami handles all the PTA's finances - we are in safe hands!

Portrait Pic Sara.jpg

Sara - Secretary

Sara is Mum to Edward and James at the school. She works in the energy industry and loves running. Sara keeps everything on track for the PTA, and makes sure all our meeting minutes are accurate and available to all.

Meet the Committee

Emma Butterworth

Lucy Prior

Sam Walker

Ben Dryland

Michelle Wood

Nikki Webb

Emma Doward

Candi Roberts (Ex-Officio/Head Teacher)

also thanks to...

Niloufer Jamal - Social Media Guru

Mark Lester - Licensee

And all you amazing others who do so much.

Thank you!

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