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Claremont Christmas Cracker 2022

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

What is the Claremont Christmas Cracker?

The PTA is creating a package of magical fun for the children this Christmas.

On Tuesday 13th December, will see the popular Secret Room return which includes:

  • A “Secret Room” experience where each child will have the opportunity to select gifts for 2 of their loved ones to give them at Christmas

  • A “Guess the name of the Claremont Christmas Teddy” competition – each child will have the opportunity to guess the Teddy’s name when they visit the Secret Room. One lucky winner will be able to take the teddy home.

On Wednesday 7th December, at the school's Christmas lunch, children will also:

  • Receive a festive surprise, and;

  • have the opportunity to wear a Christmas Jumper/festive item.

On Friday 2nd December, the PTA elves will also be sprinkling festive magic across the school with decorations and Christmas trees in the hall and main reception.

What is the Secret Room?

The Secret Room is a much-loved magical Christmas event for the children that takes place in school, this year on 13th December. Your child is given the opportunity to choose two Christmas gifts for their loved ones (parents/guardians/grandparents etc), wrap them up in their classrooms and take them home to hide ready for Christmas Day.

The PTA transform the school library into an enchanting festive room of wonders where the children get to choose their gifts.

The children really do love selecting secret gifts for their loved ones and are thrilled to watch you receive a genuine surprise on Christmas Day. If, of course, they can keep it a secret that long!

What can parents/guardians do to help make Secret Room happen?

1) Donate gifts to fill the Secret Room full of wonderful presents:

We will be accepting donations of (small, low value) gifts (2 per child if you can) on Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December at morning drop off. Gifts should be left with the PTA helpers, in the marked boxes by the main school entrance.

2) Donate £4 per child if you can here:

Children do not need cash to participate in the Secret Room on 13th December. All children in school on the day will take part. However, if you can donate (we suggest £4 per child) to support the efforts of the PTA, then please do so through localgiving (just click here). Make sure you add gift aid if eligible as this really boosts your donation at no extra cost.

What gifts can I donate?

Gifts really do not need to be expensive. We recommend small low value gifts such as socks, chocolates, mugs, womens & mens toiletries, books, photo frames, key rings, festive food products. Ideally gifts should be neutral or 1 appropriate for a male & 1 for a female. We are unable to accept any gifts containing alcohol, nuts or DVDs over rating PG.

Will all children be able to participate?

Yes, if your child is in school on 13th December they can participate. No child will be excluded regardless of donations received. It is an inclusive and festive fun event for ALL Claremont School children and all donations are optional.

Thank you for your support!

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