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What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a collaboration between you, the business, and us, the PTA charity. It could be that you pay us a fixed fee to have your brand associated with a specific event. You might choose to simply buy advertising space on our website. Or you might wish to donate something that we can use as a prize for one of our events.


If you sponsor an event, the marketing opportunities available will vary with the type of event but could include branding on our website, a blog post on our website, an agreed number of social media posts, a physical presence (e.g. banners and a stall) at the event itself or, if you're an estate agent, a certain number of your company boards put up at our members’ houses.


What is sponsorship not?

Sponsorship does not represent any special affiliation between the PTA, its members and your company. The PTA is unable to make specific recommendations. In particular, your sponsorship is only of the Claremont County Primary School Parent Teacher Association, not Claremont County Primary School itself, nor does it create any direct association with the school.

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