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24/01/23 – 7.30pm The Claremont

PRESENT: Claire Summers (Chair), Natalie Jolliffe (Vice-Chair), Sara O’Malley (Secretary), Sami Fatoohi (Treasurer), Lucy Prior (Committee Member), Ben Dryland (Committee Member), Sam Walker (Committee Member), Emma Butterworth (Committee Member), Michelle Bovey-Wood (Committee Member), Jonathan Coupee.

APOLOGIES: Emma Doward, Candi Roberts & Sarah Seddon (CS meeting them Monday), Nicki Webb (Committee Member).

Chair Update - CS

Sami Fatoohi (Treasurer) is resigning as of April 2023; big thanks to Sami. He has kindly agreed to do a handover.

Fundraising activity since last meeting in November has raised ~£1k from Christmas, Cinema Club raised ~£470 (higher bill from film hire than expected ~£200), Christmas Wreath making raised £700 and was more profitable this year, and Wine Tasting. First term raised over £7k, which is a great start. Well done to everyone and thanks!

Treasurer Update – SF

Winter Terms Events brought in £3,240.21 profit and including other income equals £8,945.07. Total expenses were £2,094.66. There is £37,227.37 in the bank account.

Actions from last meeting - S O'M – see attached update.

Events / Fundraising updates - summary of events for this term and any help required from PTA

Summer Fete – CS – met to brainstorm with a small sub-group to explore how to make it easier to organise and run due to lack of volunteers. CS & S O’M unable to attend on the day. Requested help again via a blog. CS suggested 5 things to change: no entrance fee (easier to get people through door); bouncy castles if teaching staff will run them, outsource food & hot drinks (charge % for trucks attending), 14 stalls (1 per class) – Class Reps pick which stall they want, more toilets (no access to Lodge), divvy up committee to manage the day on the day by operating 2 people on shift at a time. Agreed to progress as per CS suggestion on Saturday 1st July 12-3pm. LP to book 6 x toilets, EB to book bouncy castles. Any suggestions for Arena performances to NJ – e.g. Karate Club. CS to request sponsorship from Batchellor Monkhouse.

100 Club Idea– BD/LP - proposed a new scheme idea to replace Covenance Scheme; encouraging parents to become regular donors, in an inclusive way. The committee had a full discussion and gave feedback; agreed that the sub-committee would refine proposal based on feedback, and canvas opinions informally and revert to the Committee at a later date.

School Lottery idea – Jonathan Coupee - proposed idea to look into Your School Lottery, everyone agreed this sounded like a great idea and should be progressed. JC to progress and send information required to CS/SF.

Tea Towels (handover to Jemma Quartermaine) – EB – handover conducted, EB to liaise with JQ on when this will happen. In progress.

Cinema Club - SW/NW – Next Cinema Club Monday 20th March, SW to advise on film. Dominic Couslon willing to support all year.

Disco – Nicki Webb has agreed to take this and will catch up with Claudine re. Disco handover for all years. No dates fixed yet. First Aiders needed for all events.

ACTION: CS to ask CR what we could reasonably ask the school to support the events (e.g. bouncy castle at Fete / first aiders).

ACTION: CS to request for registered first aiders via Whats App and then create a register of names that we could ask to support. If struggle we could look into funding PTA committee members providing a course.

New Idea - potential idea needed for Term 4 – playground sale idea. Crispy Crème idea – request a volunteer to run.

ACTION: replacement freezer needed; CS to ask parent community for a donation.

Easter – LP – CS awaiting response from potential sponsor to cover the cost of the event so the event can be 100% profit. Voting request for £500 to cover the cost of eggs in the event we don’t get sponsorship. The committee voted unanimously; please refer to Appendix 1 for voting record.

Comms Plan – CS - Comms Plan being developed. Propose to use school assembly after half term to pitch Cinema Club, Discos, Easter. Launch Clarefest tickets after Easter.

Licence Renewals – CS – lottery licence (£25 annual fee) and alcohol (£295 annual fee) up for renewal. Mark Lester to consider whether to get annual or a pay per go licence. (Post-meeting note: ML confirmed worth renewing annual licence). Voting request to cover the cost of these (£320). The committee voted unanimously; please refer to Appendix 1 for voting record.

AOB – ALL (n/a)

Date of Next Meeting - S O'M – Tuesday 7th March 7.30pm The Claremont (upstairs private room)

APPENDIX 1 Table 1 - RECORD OF ATTENDANCE & VOTING: See PTA files for table (unable to load to blog)


SIGN: ________________________C Summers_____________________

DATE: _______6 March 2023_____________________________________

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Updated: May 15, 2023


CLAREFEST is a fun family day of music and entertainment exclusively for the families of the school. There will be awesome bands playing TUUUUNES, inflatable games, face painting, dance workshops, craft workshops, circus skills, festival merchandise, sweets and ice cream!


For health and safety, we have limited tickets available and therefore they are exclusively for purchase by the immediate families of pupils at the school only.


- Buy your ENTRANCE TICKETS from our website from 8pm on 18th April. Adult (18+) tickets are £8, children's (3-17) tickets are £2. Under 3s are free and do not require a ticket.

Ticket numbers are limited and we do expect to sell out so buy early to avoid disappointment. If your family is entitled to Free School Meals please claim your complimentary tickets through Mrs Roberts by 1st May.

- VOLUNTEER your time to help make it a success. Slots available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The more volunteers we have the more fun everyone can have! Please add your name to this form. Even 30 minutes on the day itself will make a difference. Please note volunteers must hold a valid entrance ticket.



As last year, entertainment stalls will be operated using a token system (they will not accept cash or card payments). 1 token can be purchased for £1. Each stall will be marked with how many tokens you will need to use e.g. 1 token for a 5 minute jump on a bouncy castle. We will publish the full list nearer the time.

You can purchase Tokens both in advance, from our "Get Ready for Clarefest" sales in the school playground during pick up the week before the event, and on the day (from the token stall near the entrance gate).

Card Payments will be accepted at the Bar, BBQ and Token Stalls. The use of cash is being discouraged so please support us making this a cashless event.


Do4Kidz Danceworks are returning with their ever popular dance workshops culminating with a performance at the festival at 5pm. Children will learn a dance routine during their workshop and then come together to perform it at 5pm.

Workshop times are:

  • Years 2-6: at 2.45pm - 3.15pm or 4.15pm - 4.45pm, £6 per child.

  • Pre-schoolers - Year 1: Boogie Tots at 3.30pm - 4pm (under 5s will need adult supervision), £5 per child.


Make a beautiful unique festival crown!

Sessions will be 30mins long, £5 per child, at 2pm, 2.45pm, 3.30pm, 4.15pm, 5pm and 5.45pm.

Supervising adults are welcome and mandatory for attending children under the age of 6.

You can book your child into these workshops during our "Get ready for Clarefest" sales in the playground at pick-up, w/c 15th May.


For the first time ever, you can buy your very own festival t-shirt to wear on the day! Tshirts must be bought from our website and orders placed before 8pm on 25th April.

Your tshirt(s) will be available for collection at our "Get Ready for Clarefest" Sales in the playground at pick-up the week before the event.

All t-shirts will be white with a choice of 2 logo colours (Teal Blue or Pink colour - see photos) and are 100% cotton.

Adult Tees: £12

Childrens Tee: £10


- On the day you will enter from Claremont Road and show your ticket at the gate (paper or digital).

- Once you’ve entered you’ll be given a wristband which you will need to wear all day and use to re-enter.

- Within the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to buy food, drink and partake in the entertainment on offer.

- Entertainment stalls will be operated using a TOKEN SYSTEM (they will not accept cash or card payments). 1 token can be purchased for £1. Each stall will be marked with how many tokens you will need to use e.g. 1 token for a 5 minute jump on a bouncy castle. We will publish the full list nearer the time.

- CARD PAYMENTS will be accepted at the Bar, BBQ and Token Stalls. The use of cash is being discouraged so please support us making this a cashless event.

- We will have toilets and rubbish facilities available (although we welcome you taking your rubbish home with you – bags will be available on the day).


- Your ticket (paper or digital, we need the barcode to scan you in).

- Appropriate clothing for the weather,

- Something to sit on/under…a picnic blanket, camping chairs, umbrella, you may even want to bring your own gazebo if it’s looking like it’s going to rain all day.

- Something to drink out of... e.g. a plastic cup, pint/wine/prosecco glass if you have one to help us minimise waste.

- Your contactless payment cards to help us run this as a cashless event as much as possible.

Please do not bring your own food or drink (unless of course you have a specific dietary requirement) as a variety of food and drink offerings will be available to purchase and every penny raised from their sale, will go towards the PTA.


- If you’ve done all the above then all that remains is to turn up and have fun!

- Please be your usual responsible and respectful selves. We are grateful to the school for lending us their grounds to host this event and intend to leave it as we find it.

- Help us by taking your own rubbish home with you. Rubbish bags will be available.

Thank you for supporting the PTA and we hope you have a wonderful time!

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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

What and when is it?

The Claremont Easter Egg hunt is a much loved and fun activity for all of the children at Claremont School. It happens at school, within the school day and this year will be taking place on Friday 31st March.

How does it work?

In the days running up to the hunt, the children will make their own Easter Egg basket (at school) which they personalise, decorate and most importantly, put their name on!

On the morning of the hunt, the baskets will be collected from each class and given to a team of PTA volunteers who fill the baskets with chocolate goodies.

In the afternoon, the PTA volunteers will hide the baskets, two classes at a time, in one of the two school fields. The classes will be bought out to the school fields where the children are then able to hunt for their own basket! Classes will be paired (e.g. Yr 6 with Yr R) so that the older children can help the younger ones.

Lastly, to make the event even more special, the Easter Bunny will be visiting to say hello and spread Easter joy to all!

How can I help?

Please donate if you can through our localgiving page adding Gift Aid if eligible to make your donation go further. We are suggesting a donation of £5 per child this year if you can.

Alternatively, you can donate by texting the below (although please note the company take 5% of your donation as commission so localgiving with gift aid is much preferred):

CLAREMONT 5 to 70085 to donate £5 (or CLAREMONT 10 for £10, etc, up to £20).

Why are we asking for donations?

The PTA is buying over 4,000 chocolate treats up front!

This enables the PTA to monitor food allergens more easily within the chocolate and to ensure all children have the same content in their baskets. The exception to this is children with allergies (please see below).

What if my child has a food allergy?

The chocolate purchased contains milk, soya and egg. Whilst the chocolate purchased won’t specifically contain nuts, the items may also contain traces of peanuts, nuts and wheat.

If your child has an allergy to any of these please can you donate specific sweets for your child in a bag CLEARLY LABELLED with the child’s full name and class name. Please hand this either to the class teacher or school office by Thursday 31st March. We have included some photos in this blog of what the chocolate basket contents will be if you want to know what to aim for.

As an additional precaution, all children will be instructed not to eat the chocolate treats until after school, and only once they have parental permission.

Will all children be able to participate?

Yes, if your child is in school on the day, they can participate. No child will be excluded regardless of donations received. It is an inclusive and seasonal fun event for ALL Claremont School children and all donations are optional (but much appreciated if you’re able to!).

Thank you for your support!

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