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What and when is it?

The Claremont Easter Egg hunt is a much loved and fun activity for all of the children at Claremont School. It happens at school, within the school day and this year will be taking place on Thursday 28th March.

How does it work?

In the days running up to the hunt, the children will make their own Easter Egg basket (at school) which they personalise, decorate and most importantly, put their name on!

On the morning of the hunt, the baskets will be collected from each class and given to a team of PTA volunteers who fill the baskets with chocolate goodies.

In the afternoon, the PTA volunteers will hide the baskets, two classes at a time, in one of the two school fields. The classes will be bought out to the school fields where the children are then able to hunt for their own basket! Classes will be paired (e.g. Yr 6 with Yr R) so that the older children can help the younger ones.

Lastly, to make the event even more special, the Easter Bunny will be visiting to say hello and spread Easter joy to all!

How can I help?

The event is run and funded by the PTA. It is for all children to enjoy.

If you would like to support the PTA, you can do so by "CHIPping-INg"; directly supporting the provision of I.T. facilities for your child in school. If you wish to, you can:

1. Donate monthly here , or;

2. Make a one-off donation here.

Why is the PTA buying all the chocolate?

The PTA is buying over 4,000 chocolate treats up front! We used to ask parents to donate them but this enables the PTA to monitor food allergens more easily within the chocolate and to ensure all children have the same content in their baskets. The exception to this is children with allergies (please see below).

What if my child has a food allergy?

The chocolate purchased contains milk, soya and egg. Whilst the chocolate purchased won’t specifically contain nuts, the items may also contain traces of peanuts, nuts and wheat.

If your child has an allergy to any of these please can you donate specific sweets for your child in a bag CLEARLY LABELLED with the child’s full name and class name. Please hand this either to the class teacher or school office by Wednesday 27th March. We have included some photos in this blog of what the chocolate basket contents will be if you want to know what to aim for.

As an additional precaution, all children will be instructed not to eat the chocolate treats until after school, and only once they have parental permission.

Will all children be able to participate?

Yes, if your child is in school on the day, they can participate. It is an inclusive and seasonal fun event for ALL Claremont School children and all donations are optional (but much appreciated if you’re able to!).

Thank you for your support

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16/01/2024 – 7pm Claremont Primary School

PRESENT: :  Claire Summers (Chair), Natalie Jolliffe (Vice chair), Shagun Bansal (Treasurer), Niloufer Jamal (Secretary), Candi Roberts (Headteacher), Sara O’Malley (Committee Member), Emma Butterworth (Committee Member), Lucy Prior (Committee Member), Nicki Taylor (Committee Member), Emma Claridge (Committee Member), Cat Christodoulou, Jennie Fong, Lisa Gammon, Vanessa Sharpe, Ami Parker

1.     APOLOGIES: Jenny Brown (Committee Member), Samantha Walker (Committee Member), Emma Claridge (Committee Member), Ben Dryland (Committee Member

2.     Chair Update

-    CS welcomed all attendees and invited introductions from all.

-    CS summarised some highlights from Term 2. Chip-In was launched - 43 direct debits were set up and 16 one-off donations made. Huge thank you to all families who have signed up. Playground sales increased and have been running smoothly. CS gave thanks to Jennie and everyone who has been involved with it. The now annual wreath-making workshop ran successfully again and received much positive feedback. Thanks to Ami & all involved. Cinema club & the various Christmas events also ran smoothly and were a success, enjoyed by the children. Thanks to Loran, Theo and team for another amazing Secret Room, to Lucy Lamb & co for the Xmas lunch, and the friends of the PTA who helped decorate the school, chaperoned cinema club and all who helped in many ways.

-    CS provided some administrative updates:

-    A new dropbox folder has been set up with access granted to all committee members to use and file. CS reminded all to actively use this as important for record keeping and handovers.

-    The Auditor has approved the 2021-2022 accounts which will now be submitted. Thank you to Andrew Gray for volunteering for this job.

-    Sara O’Malley (outgoing secretary) is reviewing the constitution with view of updating it inline with Parentkind model constitution.

-    Work is ongoing to procure 3 new signage boards to promote the PTA at each gate- thanks to Mrs Brookbank in the school office and Natalie J for efforts on this.

-    CS nominated Lisa G to join the committee - seconded by Natalie J.

-    LG sought clarification on whether the person nominating an expense was able to vote. S’OM confirmed current constitution doesn’t specifically prevent this. Model constitution specifies 50% of members rather than current quorum of 7.


Action - Natalie J to liaise with BD to verify Chip-In numbers on his return to Committee business.

Action: SO’M to consider voting requirement as part of constitution review.

3.    Treasurer Update

-    A new financial summary report was shared with the committee

Highlights from the summary include:

-    Healthy balance of cash in bank at £34,255.66

-    Profit from events was £4,788.81. This includes new events success such as playground sales and growth in wreath making.

-    Successful donations of £2,736.69. With the launch of Chip-in in November, we are expecting earnings to grow as it hasn’t been as successful as we hoped it would have been.

-    Many annual overheads were paid in Autumn term so won’t be required again. Future reports will also include liabilities (e.g. expenditure agreed but not yet paid for).


Feedback was requested on the format. CS requested a forecast year-end balance is include, to support funding decision making

4.     Funding

-    CR thanked the PTA for support to date this year - smart new PE tops, fully funded Panto trip, £50 per class for DT budgets, and recent matched funding of £8,000 for the pathway repair and improvements. The canopies funded last year have proven to be very useful. 

-    CR re-shared the school’s fundraising poster for the PTA setting out areas for future funding - improving the trim trail and developing Maslow’s corners (currently not weather proofed) as two key areas plus the ongoing expected PTA contributions are towards the Y6 yearbooks, classroom contributions (increased to £150 per class teacher), IT (£15,000 to support maintenance of the school’s 32 computers, iPad trollies and all staff computers).

-  NJ expressed support for the canopies over Maslows corners which would support  PTA activities in the playground. Committee reflected that fundraising for the Trim Trail would likely be positively received by parents and CS suggested funding could be sought through a dedicated LocalGiving page.

-    NJ highlighted that if the PTA is marketing to raise money for a particular thing, the amount raised needs to be spent exclusively on that. For example, Chip-In donations must be put exclusively towards the IT. Committee noted that marketing messages need to be clear e.g. to clarify what will happen if donations go beyond the amount requested and provide parent body with updates about money raised and if met or exceeded.

-    The Committee had a discussion around the role of the PTA in supporting the school particularly in current challenging financial climate, including the rationale for the PTA in match funding the upcoming pathway repairs and improvements.


Action - CS to draft and secure Committee agreement to a blog on the reality of funding, before publishing and Niloufer J to promote on social media

5.     PTA Policies

At a previous meeting the PTA agreed to introduce a new complaints procedure policy, a safeguarding policy and a financial control & expense policy. These were previously circulated to the Committee in draft for comment and CS requested last comments from the Committee before they are finalised. 


Action: Niloufer to update policies with final comments and file final versions

Action: Natalie J/CS to upload the final policies to the PTA website

6.    Feedback / debrief on terms 1 & 2:


-    Sign ups have been successful but not wide spread throughout the parent body.

-    New ideas how to spread the message included:

-    include leaflet in the new parents pack.

-    investing in a couple of roll away sign boards that can go up at all events (including a link to the QR code on the website)

-    PTA speaks to parents face to face.


Action: CR to consider opportunities for the PTA to speak to parents about Chip-In face to face.

Action: Lucy to plan next round of future marketing messaging on Chip In.


Summer Fete volunteers:

-    CS highlighted noone had come forward yet. EB provided feedback that the message indicated that volunteers would be completely in charge and the Committee’s ongoing role wasn’t clear enough. Need to clarify in the comms that there is a plan in place for volunteers to pick up.

-    The pros/cons of a Summer fete (close to Clarefest) vs Christmas fair (weather, space issues, combining playground sales, table for secret room, wreath making kits for sale etc) were discussed.

-    Decision taken to let parents know the Summer Fete currently cannot go ahead - but opportunity remains should parents come forward. 

-    AP/others to consider logistics for Christmas Fair and report back at future Committee meeting.


Secret Room:

Secret Room was again much loved and successful but not enough gifts were donated. Committee brainstormed ideas how to resolve for next year. [post meeting note - CS discussed with Secret room team and agreed this year they should request expenditure early on, to buy gifts in anticipation of a shortage of donations].



-    Emma B suggested a Keybox for tank room keys & uniform room keys

-    Sara OM, Emma B and Lucy P to undertake a Tank Room clear out pre Clarefest

-    CS highlighted freezer needs defrosting, potentially not working as it should?


Action - CR to consider feasibility of keybox installation and feedback to Chair

Action - CS to check freezer and report if under warranty


First Aiders:

CS questioned if we needed to train event organisers for first aiders. Decision - no action needed.

7.  Planned Events:

Playground sales: Jennie Fong reflected on Christmas term sales & sought Committee feedback. Donuts are always popular with £1.50 seeming to be a reasonable price point able to sell 200-300 items. NJ suggested Parentkind as a resource for ideas. JF highlighted more volunteers will help reduce queues and support successful sales - suggested utilising Y6 children. JF suggested using charity rate on donuts to resell to local companies. It was decided that a smaller number of high quality/profitable playground sales should be the focus for Spring term (e.g. World book day & second hand book sale).


Easter: LP highlighted costs have increased. The cost of eggs last year was £540 and this year, £650 needs to approved.Vote for Easter expenses was approved by Claire Niloufer, Shagun, Lucy, Emma B, Sara, Natalie

-    Ideas raised for an adult paint & Prosecco night or quiz night.

-    Cat K suggested an Easter craft club for both KS1 and 2 & an exhibition of work. JF offered support and Sara OM volunteered to be the committee point of contact.

Action - CK, JF, S’OM to scope out craft club idea.



-    EB updated that planning is well underway.

-    Bouncy castle company are offering discount if paid before end of January so a vote may be needed.

-    Messaging for 2024 needs to be clearer that attendees cannot bring alcohol in due to license conditions..

-    Commitee supported the principle of hiring professional Security for 2024.

8. Feedback Survey: 

CS outlined that a feedback form for parents had been on the PTA to do list for a while and some draft questions had been circulated with comments sought. Google suite was suggested to use as the survey tool by Vanessa.


Action: CS to finalise feedback survey and circulate to parents.

9.     AOB:      The next meeting date will be 19/03/2024


SIGN:   C Summers

DATE:  30th January 2024


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If you'd like any further information or have any questions on any of this please don't hesitate to get in touch.


6th October 2023 – Claremont School Hall

Committee PRESENT: Claire Summers (Chair), Natalie Jolliffe (Vice-Chair), Sara O’Malley (Secretary), Shagun Bansal (Treasurer), Lucy Prior (Committee Member), Ben Dryland (Committee Member), Sam Walker (Committee Member), Jenny Brown (Committee Member), Candi Roberts (Headteacher), Sarah Seddon (Deputy Headteacher).

Non-member attendees: Various – 26 people in total (inc. Committee Members)

Committee APOLOGIES: Emma Butterworth, Nicki Webb, Emma Doward

1.     Welcome and Introductions (CS)

PTA Exec Members introduced themselves and welcomed all to the evening - expressing thanks for the larger-than-usual turnout.

2.     Chair’s Annual Report (CS)

CS presented the Annual Report for 2022-23 and secured agreement for it to be submitted to the Charity Commission. It sets out the PTA’s purpose, achievements and reflections. Please refer to AGM deck (Appendix 2, slide 3 for further information).

CS summarised an exciting year, which brought the Claremont community together for in-person events again. Clarefest achieved another record profit thanks to a dedicated and brilliant team. The weather was kind for both Clarefest and the Summer Fete. Both events ran more smoothly than 2022 thanks to lessons learnt.

The PTA organised memorable activities for the children including Cinema Club and Discos, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Claremont Xmas Cracker. All raising a good amount of profit and more importantly fun!

CS conveyed massive thanks to those involved in all aspects, Committee members and the whole community who supported, not only to raise a fantastic amount but create special memories for our children. CS highlighted some challenges facing the PTA: more volunteers generally welcomed and succession planning required for Chair and Vice-Chair who will be stepping down. 

3.     Treasurers Report (SB)

SB walked through the Treasurers Report for 2022-23 (please refer slides 4&5 of Appendix 2). In summary:

£52k turnover, £20k expenditure, £31k profit. Balance Sheet: Bank Accounts: £37,500.

Permission was secured to present the accounts to an independent auditor for review / validation. [Post-meeting note: the Exec Committee appointed Andrew Grey to this role].


4.     PTA Members 2022-23 Resignations & New Appointments (CS)

CS walked through the current Committee and responsibilities (please refer to slide 6 of Appendix 2). We conducted the annual voting-in of existing / new Committee members; please refer to Appendix 1.

CS advised that herself and NJ would continue in roles as Chair and Vice Chair for another year so are seeking replacement volunteers who will be able to shadow and take over from 2024-25. CS advised that S O’M was stepping down as Secretary and sought volunteers for replacement: Niloufer Jamal volunteered, was nominated and voted in. CS expressed thanks to both, especially S’OM for her long-serving role on the Committee and to agreeing to continue to support the Committee. Existing Committee Members have all agreed to stay on so were re-voted in, even those not present at the meeting.

The following Committee ‘vacancies’ were discussed:

a)     School Staff (teacher/TA) representation: whilst its not a mandatory requirement and the PTA has welcomed the increased support from teachers at various events this year; the Committee all agreed there is significant benefit in having a school representative on the PTA and would welcome a volunteer to come forward.

b)     Corporate Sponsorship: highlighted as an area where there is great fundraising potential - a volunteer is required to facilitate those relationships with businesses.

c)     Summer Fete coordinating team:  (e.g. could replicate Clarefest model of a group of friends).

d)     Playground Sales: lots of opportunities for fun fundraising e.g. fancy dress, xmas, donuts, ice lollies.

5.     Looking Ahead to this year – Events Schedule 2023-24

The Committee reviewed the proposed Events Schedule (slide 7) & Fundraising Projections (slide 8) (deck attached at Appendix 2).

Most events have a lead volunteer to organise but we still need volunteers for Summer Fete co-ordinator/team, Playground Sales, Parent Socials and others - new event ideas are welcomed too.

The existing Clarefest Team will run the event for this academic year but it will be their last; ideally a new team / volunteers will come on-board to shadow the existing team and take over for 2024-25.

The Committee reviewed the possible items that we could expect the school to request; please refer Slide 9 of Appendix 3, and the forecast PTA Expenditure to enable the PTA to continue to put on events and other fundraising activities.

We then reviewed Slide 11 of Appendix 3 which identified the potential forecast expenditure against potential income (based on events we hope we can put on). There could be a shortfall if we do not raise enough money so the Committee requested support and volunteers from the community to help “plug the gap”.


6.     AOB

a)     Chip In – CS invited BD/LP to introduce a new initiative being proposed to generate an ongoing income stream for the PTA’s rolling £15k year commitment for IT equipment. Currently this project is funded by event fundraising which rely on volunteers and good weather. This project aims to establish a steady income stream to address that risk. The proposal generated enthusiastic discussion; overall very positive response received. Suggestions raised included:

a.     targeting a transformative project for fundraising, with parents who can contributing a larger amount to support it.

b.     use of second hand technology and procurement processes to make fundraising go further. It was noted that this is handled by the school and the IT supplier.

c.      highlighting specific areas / items needed for help from parent community to make clearer where help is needed.

d.     make the ask as specific as possible  – identify what are the actual gaps / impact of the gaps in financial terms.

e.     handing out fliers around the wider community.


CR and CS thanked contributors for the enthusiastic discussion. CS highlighted that the role of the PTA is support the school in funding the areas they identify as requiring funding. CR highlighted the challenges being faced as a Local Authority School which requires even some basic provisions to be funded by the PTA.

ACTION: CR to review and consider within the school at the SLT, about what investments are needed and revert to PTA.

ACTION: Discuss at first Committee Meeting.

Next Meeting Date – Tuesday 7th November 8pm The Claremont Pub plus Zoom dial in option.




PTA MEMBERS VOTING- See PTA files (unable to load to blog)


AGM Slide Deck- See PTA files (unable to load to blog)



SIGN:    ________________C Summers_____________________       

 DATE:  15 - 01 - 2024

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